We offer native Android/iOS and backend development services together with quality assurance and project management.
We have all the expertise you need to produce a top-notch product.


A clear strategy is the first step on the path to a successful mobile app for all types of businesses. It serves as a roadmap for the business model, as well as the development, deployment, and marketing of your business’ mobile solutions. A clear understanding of business problems and customer needs is what enables the strategic application of technology.


We create a model of your product so that it can be tested before a line of code is ever written. This can save time and money in both design and development. On one hand, it allows our team to get a better understanding of your business needs. On the other, it helps you to test the viability of your idea.


Our designers create a top-notch UI that aims to make the users’ interactions as simple and efficient as possible, and at the same time be visually appealing. We follow the best practices for UX design as proclaimed by the likes of Google and Apple. Special tools help us to track and analyze users' actions, allowing us to continuously improve the UX.

Mobile App

We believe that the best user experience can only be achieved with native mobile apps. That means we use Java for Android development and Swift for iOS development. Of course, we provide hybrid mobile development for customers with specific needs, but we highly recommend to avoid it wherever possible.


The modern mobile application cannot exist without a good backend. Many popular apps like Facebook and Twitter have solid servers behind them doing plenty of tasks from data & file storage to real-time data synchronization, backend logic, sending push notifications, capacity scaling, maintenance and more. As a requirement, we deliver backend solutions running on scalable cloud servers.


This is the bridge between you and our team. The project manager represents you and organizes our team's work with the goal of delivering the product on time and within budget. We involve you in the process through regular communication and providing product versions from the very beginning. Thus, we assure a clear understanding of project goals and identification of potential challenges.


Testing of mobile applications is a bit different than desktop testing. It should take into account the large variety of mobile devices, the different types of OS and their versions, frequent updates, and the distinctive ways users interact with their devices. We implement both manual and automated testing, depending on the project needs.


Sometimes it can be challenging to properly release a mobile application. That's especially true when it contains in-app products. On the other hand, a good store presence could drastically improve the number of installs and active users. Whatever your needs, we make sure that your application will stand out from the crowd and reach the target audience.


Unlike websites, mobile applications require continuous support. The variety of mobile devices and frequent OS updates can cause unpredictable issues, even on the best-created applications. This can lead to disappointed users destroying your application rating. If you follow the lean startup approach, you may find regular updates as an appropriate way to implement the build-measure-learn feedback loop.

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