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Master your drinking habits.


Travis Reeder contacted us with an idea to create a mobile app that tracks your drinking habits. The need for such an app was obvious - everyone has been in a situation where they are out drinking a beer with friends and the only way to get home is by car. There are plenty of investigations that show how dangerous it can be to drive even after a couple beers. Beyond this, you could have some serious issues with the police. At Dision, if there is one type of project we like the most, it is the project that we can turn into a product for use in our everyday lives.


One of the key features of the app was that it had to support wearable devices. The technology was relatively new and there were only a few apps in the store running on wearables which meant a lack of good examples. 

As usual, user experience was a very important thing for us. We highlighted two main goals, 1) make it easy to enter drinks consumed and 2) allow for a quick review of current BAC level & estimated time of soberness. We felt that this was reasonable, especially when your main focus is on having a good time.



Without a doubt, MyVicePal is one of our favorite apps. Not only because it probably saved someone’s life (we hope so) but also because it was one of those projects that didn’t need any marketing activities, the product sold itself. 

The design was a key factor for its success. Big blurred numbers show your current BAC level, while a colored graph shows the estimated time of soberness. Real photos of popular drinks avoid any chance of making a wrong entry (which is very easy to do when you're a little drunk). 

Although wearables have small screens, we managed to create an intuitive and powerful interface for them. With a few swipe gestures, you can cycle through the current beverage or its alcohol percentage.

After the initial release, together with Travis, we created a cool new feature - The Perfect Buzz. With this feature enabled, MyVicePal will notify you when it’s time to have another drink so you don’t have to think about it or calculate it on your own. Pretty cool, huh?

You get the idea. Now keep calm and drink on!