Keep up with your child’s learning journey on the go.


LittleLives Inc. is a Singaporean tech company that provides preschools with a management system that enhances their daily operations and parent-school communication. LittleLives has been ranked the number 1 provider of “Software as a Service” (SaaS) by Association for Early Childhood Educators Singapore (AECES). With a clientele of over 400 preschools in Singapore using their services daily, LittleLives holds a wealth of IT know-how and experience, coupled with the spirit of innovativeness in designing IT solutions that serve the operational needs of preschools. 

They selected us to improve the performance of their existing mobile application - Little Family Room. In addition, they wanted to add some cool new features. We were excited to handle such an interesting project that would help thousands of parents to keep up with their child’s learning journey on the go.


Our main concerns were related to the existing code style and quality. That's always the case when you handle an ongoing project. At Dision, we have our own code style that's followed by every one of the team. We take it seriously, sometimes fanatically. Why? Because clear and structured code causes fewer bugs. It also improves the readability and new team members can easily deal with it. We know for sure that this extra effort for better code styling pays off in the long term.



It was quite interesting to work together with the Little Lives' team. These guys were truly passionate about the things they do, a spirit that you could easily see and feel. That motivated us a lot. We gave our best to improve the app performance and we successfully implemented all of the new features. The project turned into a long-term partnership and they trusted us to provide all of their Android applications in the future.