Driver's License Practice Tests

One of the most downloaded Bulgarian apps in the education category.


Every year, over 100,000 people in Bulgaria take the driver’s license exam. Only half of them end up being successful, with the majority of them failing on the written knowledge test. In the past, all the driving schools across the country used paper materials to train their students. These materials were simulations of the real exams and students had to pay to receive them.

A client contacted us to find out if there was a way to improve the learning process by digitizing the exam simulations, and provide the service for free. We recognized the unique opportunity to create something that would help thousands of people and agreed to do it.








This project was one of the most challenging ones we've ever worked on. We helped the client to clear up the initial idea and began creating the wireframes. We also had to provide a custom mobile design, create a backend administration platform for content to be added, RESTful API, and a mobile application with different versions for smartphones and tablets.

The most critical part was that we had to match the exact algorithm for generating questions like those used in official exams. The good news was that the government had an open database containing all the questions and rules. The algorithm had to pick questions from different topics by following the rules outlined in the exam and never create the same set of questions twice.

One of the requirements was to have an interactive section with questions inside the application. The questions looked like the ordinary ones but after users answered, a video started playing showing what would happen as result of their selected answer. This provided a safe introduction to real world situations they might encounter.



The mobile application became a game changer, generating over 200,000 downloads, a great achievement given the fact it's available only in Bulgarian. It also still remains one of the leading applications in education category.

The design turned out to be a major factor for success. People simply fell in love with it. Every part of it is custom and unique. It makes people think about roads and cars, which at the end of the day is what the app is all about.

In addition to the exam simulator and the interactive section, we created two more sections containing Bulgarian road rules and first aid tips for road accidents. Thus, users can continue using the application even after they get the license.

Despite all the challenges we met during the process, we feel satisfying knowing this product helps thousands of people every year to get prepared for the exams.