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Founded in 2015

... by Yavor Yordanov. Right after his high-school graduation, he started working as a freelance mobile developer. After 5 years of freelancing, he became one of the top-rated mobile developers on Upwork winning clients like Shutterstock. The overload of projects forced him to create Dision and hire the company's first employee. The team is based in the beautiful city of Sofia, Bulgaria.


Small team

We believe in the idea "the smaller the better". Not only because small teams are easy to manage, but they have greater focus and higher commitment. We hire the best local talents who understand our philosophy. It doesn't mean we don't want to grow, on the contrary, we aim to become a global leader in mobile development but we'll keep the organization as small as possible.



Although we're a tech company, the main work is (still) done by humans. Humans need to communicate and express their emotions, feelings, and ideas. We advocate a friendly and open environment where anyone is free to say or do the things they believe is good for the company. All high-performing teams, whether in the sports arena or in the business world, are built on a solid foundation of trust and we are no exception.


New technologies

Working with mobile applications gives us a unique opportunity to learn and know about exciting technologies that will change the world. Whether it be virtual reality, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, wearable devices and so on, almost every new technology needs mobile. When something new comes up, we're one of the firsts to try it. We also like to work on crazy ideas that no one has done yet.



Our mission is to become a global leader in mobile development and create some of the most polished mobile applications. We've worked with clients from all over the world from USA to Canada, Australia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Denmark, Bulgaria and more. We're proud to be part of Developers Alliance and be one of few companies that participated in the Google Developers Agency Program.


Lean approach

Although lean often relates to startups, we found out that it can be successfully implemented in service companies as well. The core idea is to maximize the value provided to the customer while minimizing waste. How do we do it? By having a flat organization, direct contact between the customer and the executing team, short meetings, producing software in short cycles, and collecting and analyzing user feedback. These are but some of the lean practices which we use.

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